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At Radiance Dentistry we not only provide the very best general and cosmetic dentistry services in the Camas area, but we also offer a wide variety of specialty services to meet your dental health needs.

If you’ve been told you need an apicoectomy, bone graft, frenectomy, or other specialty dental procedure, call our office at (360) 369-6420 to schedule your consultation– or keep reading to learn more about all of the services offered by our dentist and endodontic specialist.


Do You Really Need to Be Referred to a Specialist?

Many dentists in the Vancouver and Camas area will refer patients to specialists for many procedures. This often leads to delayed treatments and long wait times to get the care you need.

At Radiance Dental, however, our team has the skills, technology, and experience to perform many of the specialty services other dentists can’t offer.

If you’ve been told you need to see a specialist and would like a second opinion, contact us today and schedule your initial consultation.

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“Dr. Bharathi is wonderful! I felt very relaxed, informed, and in control of my care. Plus the front office staff was very helpful answering my questions about insurance and finances.”

Katya B. – E. Vancouver, WA

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Bassili has years of experience placing implants and performing challenging endodontic procedures, as well as other specialty services. Dr. Bassili is a friendly, compassionate, and funny guy!

He graduated from dental school at OHSU School of Dentistry and earned his Endodontic Specialty at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

Root Canals

When tooth decay invades the interior (pulp) of the tooth, a root canal is often needed. Dr. Bassili has performed thousands of root canals and is known for his gentle touch.

We can also craft and place a natural, tooth-colored crown to complete the restoration of your tooth.


If you’ve had a root canal performed by another dentist and are still in pain, we can help!

You may need an apicoectomy to remove any remaining root and nerve tissue. If needed, our dental technicians can craft a custom-made crown, bridge, or implant using 100% biocompatible materials.

Bone Grafts

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing or damaged teeth.

However, to achieve the best results, dental implants must be placed into a solid foundation. In some cases of advanced bone loss, a bone graft procedure may be required before implants can be placed. Over the course of several appointments, our team will counsel you on your options, perform your bone graft, and place your implant.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Over 90% of people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their lives due to decay, crowding, pain, or other issues.

Our oral surgeon specialize in wisdom tooth extractions in people of all ages, including adolescents and adults. Ask us about whether conscious sedation or general anesthesia is right for you!


In some cases, the tissue beneath your tongue can make speaking and eating difficult. Removing this tissue through a frenectomy might be the answer. This minimally invasive surgical procedure can help children and adults!

Gum Disease Treatments

There is an epidemic of gum disease. Millions of people suffer from red, inflamed gums. Often they avoid treatment fearing the painful surgical procedures that were once common.

We offer both non-surgical high-tech laser gum disease treatments and Perio-Protect (an at home gum disease and tooth whitening treatment). Our gum disease treatments are minimally-invasive, virtually pain-free, and are incredibly effective!

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

When it comes to the health of your children, you want the very best care possible. We help our younger patients get the dental care they need by offering:

  • Conscious Sedation – Your child will be awake, but very relaxed and drowsy. They will have little to no memory of their treatment.
  • General Anesthesia – Your child will be “asleep” during their treatment. We use the lightest possible level of sedation to ensure your child’s safety.

All children who undergo sedation dentistry treatments are monitored by an experienced dental anesthesiologist.

small child eating an ice cream cone

“Everyone at Radiance Dental is so friendly and understanding. I recommend them to anyone looking for a local dentist in Camas or E. Vancouver. My daughter is 5 and it was her first time ever at a dentist. Dr. Bharti understood her fears and made her feel comfortable. This is a great dentist office!”

Michelle L. – Vancouver, WA

About Our Dental Office

At Radiance Dental, we help people throughout E. Vancouver and Camas get the dental care they need. We believe your trip to our Camas dental clinic should be:

  • Free from judgement and stress
  • Relaxing and calming
  • Affordable

Remember: Dr. Bharathi offers complimentary consultations for anyone interested in learning about the specialty services offered at Radiance Dental!

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Don’t Forget!
Radiance Dental Offers Emergency After-Hours & Weekend Appointments.

If you need help now, don’t wait! Whether you’re in pain from a damaged crown, broken filling, toothache or inflamed gums, we’re here to help. We offer emergency dental appointments at night, in the early morning, or on the weekends for:

• Tooth extractions
• Filling and crown repairs
• Pain relief for gum disease, broken teeth and other dental emergencies

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