Endodontics & Root Canals in Camas & E. Vancouver Area

Advanced tooth decay is serious. Not only can it lead to dangerous infections, it can damage your jaw bone and lead to lifelong health and dental problems. At Radiance Dental in Camas, we offer endodontic treatments, including root canals, to treat serious tooth decay and infection.


Do You Need a Root Canal?

If detected early enough, tooth decay can be corrected with a small composite filling. However, when decay and infection spread beyond the outer layers of the teeth and invade the pulp and root, a more advanced endodontic solution, like a root canal may be required.

You may need a root canal if your teeth:

  • Are very sensitive to hot and cold
  • Hurt when chewing, especially on one side of the mouth
  • Have been chipped or fractured

How Root Canals Work

  1. Using high-tech minimally-invasive techniques, all decay is removed.
  2. You’ll be fitted for a temporary crown and a dental technician will craft the permanent crown.
  3. When the permanent crown is finished, we’ll install it and your root canal will be complete.
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Dr. Bassili, our experienced Endodontic Specialist, has performed thousands of root canals and we use the best technology to make sure the procedure is as non-invasive and pain-free as possible.

Call (360) 369-6420 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

“Dr. Bharathi is wonderful! I felt very relaxed, informed, and in control of my care. Plus the front office staff was very helpful answering my questions about insurance and finances.”

Katya B. – E. Vancouver, WA

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist
Dr. Bassili’s passion for dentistry started when he was 10 years old and broke his front teeth playing soccer. His dentist’s help to give him his smile back had a big impact on his self-confidence. The experience helps him to truly understand what our patients go through.

He graduated from dental school at OHSU School of Dentistry and completed his Endodontic Specialty at the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

In addition to root canals, Dr. Bassili specializes in oral surgery, dental implants, and other endodontic procedures. Call (360) 369-6420 in Camas or E. Vancouver to schedule your first appointment.

We’re always here to help!

Don’t Forget!
Radiance Dental Offers Weekend & Evening Appointments To Help With Dental Emergencies!

Don’t wait for an appointment! If you broke a crown, chipped a tooth, or have a bad toothache, we can help right away! We offer our patients emergency dental appointments 24/7. Our emergency treatment options include:

• Tooth Extractions

• Quick fixes for crowns and fillings

• Gum disease and toothache pain relief

“Everyone at Radiance Dental is so friendly and understanding. I recommend them to anyone looking for a local dentist in Camas or E. Vancouver. My daughter is 5 and it was her first time ever at a dentist. Dr. Bharti understood her fears and made her feel comfortable. This is a great dentist office!”

Michelle L. – Vancouver, WA

About Our Dental Office

At Radiance Dental we specialize in providing endodontic treatments and root canals to patients in E. Vancouver and Camas. Your visit to our Camas dentist office will be:

  • Stress-free
  • No-judgement
  • Affordable

Remember: Dr. Bharti & Dr. Basili offer complimentary consultations for patients who think they may need a root canal!

Address: 19301 SE 34th St #101, Camas, WA 98607
Phone: (360) 369-6420
Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Monday through Saturday

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