General Dentistry in Camas & E. Vancouver Area

At Radiance Dental, we specialize in providing General Dentistry services to people of all ages in Camas and East Vancouver. Dr. Bharathi and her team are here to help you maintain a beautiful smile and to achieve outstanding dental health!


Teeth Cleaning & Exams

Our gentle Hygienists use high-tech treatments and a gentle touch to provide thorough deep cleanings of your teeth and gums. They painlessly remove bacteria and built-up tartar, reducing your risk of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

We recommend most patients schedule a tooth cleaning and dental exam every 6 months. In addition to your tooth cleaning, your exam includes:

We also offer dental sealant treatments, a protective shield that reduces tooth decay and lowers your risk of cavities. Our teeth cleanings and dental exams are the best way to keep your family’s teeth healthy and strong!

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“Dr Bharathi and her dental assistants are kind, caring, and highly skilled. I am so thankful I found Radiance dental practice. I’m a patient for life!”

Lisa J. – E. Vancouver, WA

Composite Fillings

Nearly 95% of people will get a cavity at some point in their life. At Radiance Dental, we use high-tech diagnostic tools to catch cavities while they are still small and easily treated.

We use only composite fillings, which offer many advantages over traditional mercury fillings. We maximize your dental health by removing as little healthy tooth structure as possible and using composite fillings to match the color of your natural teeth. You won’t even be able to tell you’ve had a filling!

If you’re nervous about having a filling placed in your mouth, we can help! Our office is a soothing spa-like environment, designed to minimize dental anxiety.

Root Canals

Untreated, advanced tooth decay may require root canal therapy. A root canal may also be required when damage to the tooth has caused infection to invade the tooth’s pulp. By removing the pulp, your tooth will be completely pain-free and healthy in no time!

Dr. Bassili, our Endodontic Specialist has performed thousands of root canals and uses the latest technologies and pain-free treatment options to minimize your discomfort and anxiety.

After finishing your root canal with a permanent crown, you’ll have a beautiful, natural, and healthy smile again!


Dentures are removable, permanent replacements for missing teeth. Dentures are secure, look like natural teeth, and provide a strong, stable bite. At Radiance Dental, we can create:

  • Partial Dentures – A cost-effective option with replacement teeth fixed to a plastic base
  • Complete Dentures – An option when all teeth in your mouth are missing or need to be removed. Complete dentures are a great option for patients in Camas and Vancouver.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – Dentures placed atop a dental implant are incredibly secure and stable!

Our expert team uses only the best materials and latest, high-tech equipment to create durable, custom-made dentures for our patients.


Crowns are custom-made “caps” placed on teeth to restore their size, shape, appearance, and function. Crowns are often used as the final step to reconstruct your tooth after a root canal.

At Radiance Dental, we create custom crowns using materials like:

  • Gold
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

Natural, tooth-colored ceramic and porcelain crowns match the color of your natural teeth and can last for decades with proper care!

More General Dentistry Services

“Everyone at Radiance Dental is so friendly and understanding. I recommend them to anyone looking for a local dentist in Camas or E. Vancouver. My daughter is 5 and it was her first time ever at a dentist. Dr. Bharti understood her fears and made her feel comfortable. This is a great dentist office!”

Michelle L. – Vancouver, WA

About Our Camas Dental Office

At Radiance Dental, we help people in E. Vancouver and Camas get the general dentistry services they need without stress, pain, and anxiety. We believe dental care should be:

  • Judgement-free
  • Relaxing
  • Affordable
  • High-tech and minimally invasive

Remember: Dr. Bharti offers complimentary consultations and free second opinions!

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Don’t Forget!
Radiance Dental Offers Emergency After-Hours & Weekend Appointments.

If you break or chip a tooth or are suffering from pain in your teeth or gums, contact us right away!
We’re always available for after-hours and weekend appointments. Our emergency dental services include:

• Tooth extractions
• Treatments for infected or inflamed teeth and gums
• Pain relief for broken teeth or damaged fillings and crowns

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