Dental Crowns in Camas & E. Vancouver Area

A custom-made, expertly placed crown is often the best way to restore a tooth that has suffered from extensive decay or other damage. We offer durable dental crowns made from gold or natural tooth-colored porcelain. Call our office at (360) 369-6420 to schedule your consultation– or keep reading to learn more about all of the services offered by our dentist and endodontic specialist.

What Exactly is a Crown?

Have you lost a large piece of a tooth (or an entire tooth) as a result of:

  • Injury or accident?
  • Extensive decay?
  • Root canal?
  • Cavity removal?

If so, you may need a crown to protect the remaining tooth structure, restore your bite, and improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile!

Call (360) 369-6420 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Our Process

Dental crowns are used as the final step in the restoration of a tooth following an injury or accident, root canal treatment, dental implant, or large cavity repair. Crowns may be made from gold or porcelain, depending on your needs, budget, and smile goals.

We’ll prepare the surface of your tooth to make room for the crown.

We’ll make an impression of your mouth to use as a guide when making your crown.

A temporary crown will allow you to chew normally while your crown is being made.

An experienced dental technician will craft a permanent crown using high-tech materials.

Your crown will be bonded securely in place, finishing off your restoration.

“Everyone at Radiance Dental is so friendly and understanding. I recommend them to anyone looking for a local dentist in Camas or E. Vancouver. My daughter is 5 and it was her first time ever at a dentist. Dr. Bharti understood her fears and made her feel comfortable. This is a great dentist office!”

Michelle L. – Vancouver, WA

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist

Dr. Bassili, Endodontic Specialist

As an experienced endodontic specialist and oral surgeon, Dr. Bassili has performed thousands of root canals and dental restorations! Many of his patients choose durable, functional crowns to replace damaged, lost, or missing teeth. They’re a great choice for most patients!

Call (360) 369-6420 to schedule your first appointment at our Camas dental office and to learn more about how a dental crown can help you.

We’re always here to help!

Remember: Radiance Dental Offers After-Hours Appointments To Treat Dental Emergencies!

Don’t wait for an appointment! If you’ve broken tooth, have a bad toothache, or just need help right away, we’re here for you!! Radiance Dental offers emergency dental appointments 24/7. Our emergency treatment options include:

– Tooth Extractions
– Quick fixes for crowns and fillings
– Gum disease and toothache pain relief

“Dr. Bharathi is wonderful! I felt very relaxed, informed, and in control of my care. Plus the front office staff was very helpful answering my questions about insurance and finances.”

Katya B. – E. Vancouver, WA

About Our Dental Office

At Radiance Dental we specialize in providing tooth restorations and dental crowns to patients in E. Vancouver and Camas. Your visit to our office will be:

  • Stress-free
  • Without judgement
  • Affordable

Remember: Our staff offers complimentary consultations for patients who think they may need a crown or other dental restoration!

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